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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Michael L. Seitz who was born in the United States on Jul 30th, 1982 and passed away on July 31st, 2004 at the age of 22. We will remember him forever.  If you would like to email Michael's mother personally please send the email to boxerlady@gmail.com.
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Tributes and Condolences
Happy 32!! 10 Years Gone.   / Mom Seitz (Mom)
Wow Michael...10 years. 10 years I could not hug you. 10 years we couldn't share a conversation. 10 years I didn't see you finish turning into a man. 10 years I didn't get to see your beautiful smile and smart-ass grin! 10 years without your presenc...  Continue >>
Thank you to all friends, family and visitors   / Mike's Mom (MOM) ((MOM))
A note to all friends, family and visitor's here - Thank you for continuing to love, honor and remember Michael.

 Continue >>
Continuing to love and miss you!!!   / Jeanene Milanak (Aunt)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbsBUf9VKyc Well Hey Dude, I know you are up there and you are listening....lookin out over your brother your mother and me and all of us....Just wanted you to know...i still miss the heck out of you...and you sti...  Continue >>
Support and Love   / Teresa Harvey (Friend of Moms )
Just wanted you to know and remember always that I love you dearly Adena. I know this can't be an easy day, but as you go through it and the rest of your life-remember you will get to see him again one day! I hope that gives you just a little comfort...  Continue >>
Comfort and Good News   / Karen Cook (Passerby)
To the family of Michael I send my condolences. I noticed the banner on the website of anniversaries of those who have passed away and noticed today's date with Michael's name. I was curious and when I read his Timeline and that he was only 22 year...  Continue >>
For Carlye...  / Adena Seitz (Mom)    Read >>
I miss you my Mikey...  / MOM (MOM)    Read >>
Always living in our hearts!  / Jeanene Milanak (Aunt)    Read >>
Happy birthday -  / Wheeler GoreDove     Read >>
boxer.lady@live.com / Adena Seitz (Mom)    Read >>
Still loving you and missing you...BIG TIMES!!!  / Jeanene Milanak (Aunt)    Read >>
Another year..  / Michael's Mom (Mom)    Read >>
Showing some love.  / Carlye. Propps (Neice)    Read >>
My deepest sympathies  / Jamie Mom Of Dakota     Read >>
Deepest Sympathy  / Edith Thompson (another Angels Mom )    Read >>
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His legacy
The red angel  
On December 11th Michael's stepfather and I bought some decorations to lie on Michael's grave. One of the decorations was a 6 inch lighted angel. This angel took three batteries, and we made sure we added them before we left.

One week later I went back to take pictures to send to family. As I was taking pictures it was getting darker outside and I noticed that the light in the angel was actually red, and it was not staying on all the time. I knew that it might need some fresh batteries so I went over to replace the batteries that were in the bottom.

When I bent down over the angel I noticed that the light was slowly coming back on, it lit brightly, then it slowly faded again. As this continued I stepped back to watch. The light was red like the color of a heart, but slowly pulsing, like the rythmn of breathing - in and out, in and out. It was then that I knew my baby was with me, then, and every day. Watching over me and loving me....I cried that day, but with relief.

In the photo album I have provided pictures of Michael's decorated grave marker, including a picture of the angel.

I now know you are with me Michael - I love you - Mom
His smile and laughter  
Nothing in the world could brighten my day more than Micheal's brilliant smile and quiet laugh. The memory of him saying to me every time he left me, "I love you mom" is something I will treasure in my heart forever. Rest well my angel, mommies baby. My heart is torn out and my arms feel so empty...but your memory and the knowledge that I was the luckiest person in the world to have such a beautiful person as a part of my life, are what keep me alive.

I love you baby! Mom
Michael's Photo Album
Micheal's sweet smile.
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