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Happy 32!! 10 Years Gone.  / Mom Seitz (Mom)
Wow Michael...10 years. 10 years I could not hug you. 10 years we couldn't share a conversation. 10 years I didn't see you finish turning into a man. 10 years I didn't get to see your beautiful smile and smart-ass grin! 10 years without your presence, your light. 10 years wishing for one more day, but wanting a million. 10 years wondering what you would be doing with your life. 10 years wondering what your wife would have been like. 10 years wondering if your first child would have been a girl or a boy. 10 years missing the sound of "I Love You Mom." 10 years of pain, loneliness, wishes, prayers and many, many, many tears!! I love you Michael and I wish what happened to you 10 years ago never would have happened, because selfishly, I need you! Fly with the Angels Baby!
Thank you to all friends, family and visitors  / Mike's Mom (MOM) ((MOM))
A note to all friends, family and visitor's here - Thank you for continuing to love, honor and remember Michael.

 To Micheal's friends in particular;

If you only knew the amount of comfort I get from seeing...even a few small words...from you. Our Michael is gone now, but his winning spirit and love for all his friends lives on if you continue to give him recognition. It gives him life, and to me his mom, it gives me the strength to continue to carry on day after day. I would love to have a personal note, or message from any of you, any time.

Please feel free to write me at with comments, memories, or just words.

It is so difficult not to know what Michael might be doing in his life this year, month, day, hour or minute. I miss him so very, very much! But, through you letting me know how your life is, what your year has been like, what is new in this month or week of your life...will give me a glimpse into what Michael's life would have been.

So, if you have a moment...I beg you, please send me your story. Let me know how you are...let me know where you are and if you would like, any memories or notes you'd like to share about Michael.

It is so very important to me that he is remembered, and continues to be  treasured and loved every day. I remember you all, and even if I didn't know you, I know Michael would appreciate you remembering me...his mom.  Thank you!
I'm so sorry...  / MOM
I'm sorry that I haven't been here in so long my sweet baby...I just can't come here. At first it was theraputic to come and take care of you here. To let people know you were...just that you were. Now I try to pretend you are not gone and I can't do that if I come here.

It is so hard every day of my life without you. It just doesn't get any easier. My life has stopped since you died. Oh, I play a good game...but my true heart is not in it. They say you are always with me, they say you hear me when I talk to you and you send me signs....but I miss your arms and your voice. I don't hear you, or see the signs! What is wrong with me?

Chris is worse than I am...I can tell. He has not dealt with your death at all. He needs you so badly. I know you always thought he was so strong, but now you know that is not true. He depended on you, just as I did, to live life so that we could watch and smile. We are both so devastated and heart-broken Mikey.

You were, and still are the light of our lives; The pumping beat of our hearts; The electricity in our brains that makes us think; We are surviving so far....All my love..Mom
Continuing to love and miss you!!!  / Jeanene Milanak (Aunt)  Read >>
Continuing to love and miss you!!!  / Jeanene Milanak (Aunt) Well Hey Dude, I know you are up there and you are listening....lookin out over your brother your mother and me and all of us....Just wanted you to know...i still miss the heck out of you...and you still mean the world to us. Michael...You were a special and amazing young man. I will always regret not having more time with you while you were here.... The above song is for you from me and I hope your mom listens to it and likes it too...Promise me when its my time to come home you will be greet me and show me around...K? Promise me you will be there for all of can show us all the nooks and crannies of every part of the eternities. I hope that you got to spend time with and hang out with the two guys I asked you to say Hi to and get to know a few years back. Its all I wanted was for you to have company and hang out buddies until the rest of us got there to be with you. I love you, handsome man!!!! Give your mom some kisses in the we hours so she can feel em. She needs it!! Just know we really miss and love you deeply and we will all be there as soon as we can. Love, Your Aunt Jeanene Close
Support and Love  / Teresa Harvey (Friend of Moms )  Read >>
Support and Love  / Teresa Harvey (Friend of Moms )

Just wanted you to know and remember always that I love you dearly Adena. I know this can't be an easy day, but as you go through it and the rest of your life-remember you will get to see him again one day! I hope that gives you just a little comfort. He is walking on streets of Gold right now waiting for the day you get to see him again! Love you bunches!


Comfort and Good News  / Karen Cook (Passerby)  Read >>
Comfort and Good News  / Karen Cook (Passerby)
To the family of Michael I send my condolences. I noticed the banner on the website of anniversaries of those who have passed away and noticed today's date with Michael's name. I was curious and when I read his Timeline and that he was only 22 years old, I couldn't help but think of my son who is 23 and how I would feel about losing him. I've lost my parents, brother and 2 sisters and have received comfort and would like to share what has comforted me and hope you will be comforted too. What comforts me is knowing from the bible where the dead are and where we will see them again. Please see comforting scriptures that show that when we die we are sleeping awaiting a resurrection back to life on a paradise earth soon to come. (John 11:11-14; Psalms 37:29). Please see the link that answers questions about the death of our loved ones and God's future for us. Please feel free to contact me regarding this information and thank you for considering my expressions of sympathy to you and your family. Close
Always living in our hearts!  / Jeanene Milanak (Aunt)  Read >>
Always living in our hearts!  / Jeanene Milanak (Aunt)

Hey hun, many of us often find we are blue because we miss you so. We know you may not be here for us to see but you are always with each of on day...looking in and seein whats goin on with the family. I know you watch your mom and keep an eye on her just like you do your nephew as you watch him grow. You stand by us all and just take in our light and enjoy what it is you get to see in us living each day. Just realize hun...someday we will all be in eternities light with you. You can come show us around there in the Eternities. I do know you love hanging around your nephew the most, you get to see everything he does as it get to catch all of his "firsts" not to mention how he makes you laugh. I can see you there in my mind love. Thank you for watching over us...You're keepin an eye on your brother and inspired by what an awesome mom your nephew has,... Jenn...Isn't she awesome? Well we cant hear you but we know you are there, just know you are loved..You always will be...forever and always. Please give us lil signs of you there with us you are hangin with we will all try to share or thoughts aloud of memories of you so you can hear us laugh and carry on about all the fun we used to have. I think thats what matters the most you expand on the good and shed the negative or sad. You were always a shining example to us all of love and courage. We learned patience from you, love and inspiration from your spirited light. Know how much you inspired us and how much you touched each one of us. Happy Birthday handsome man and know we will always have you in our hearts until we get the pleasure of being in your company once again.


Your Aunt Jeanene

Happy birthday -  / Wheeler GoreDove   Read >>
Happy birthday -  / Wheeler GoreDove
Michael, I'll not get to know you as you were in this incarnation but I know what you mean to your mother and that is enough for me to realize just amazing you are. I will be sure to drop a line when I get to that side, brother. Usually, Wheeler Close / Adena Seitz (Mom)  Read >> / Adena Seitz (Mom)
As every day has passes, this long 10 years, not one has gone by that I haven't thought about you and needed you here with me. These have been the loneliest and longest 10 years of my life. You were the light in the darkness for me, and that light has gone out. I will never be the same. I love you more now than I ever have. I miss you desperately. Close
Still loving you and missing you...BIG TIMES!!!  / Jeanene Milanak (Aunt)  Read >>
Still loving you and missing you...BIG TIMES!!!  / Jeanene Milanak (Aunt)
Well I sit here crying missing you so much...its hell to think about how much time has passed and how the power of the pain of missing your life just still kicks my ass...
I've come back today to tell you ...I still love you dude!!!
I still have the strong loving memories of what a cute lil guy you were!!
I haven't been back and I feel like its such a sin that I havent...I guess because I just dont  and never ever wanted to EVER want  to believe its really really really real... as much as it is...I have ignored it for so long I guess thinking I would someday wake from the frickin nightmere of the truth and realize its just all some tragic dumb dream.
Its not.
We still don't have our courageous, gorgeous, sunshine of a Michael STILL...NO MATTER HOW HARD WE WISH LIKE HELL WE DID!!!
There are so many words to describe you, Mike...that speak volumes for who you are and what you stood for...kind,  loving, intelligent, charming, sincere, one of a kind, optomistic, corageous, larger then life, breath of fresh air, insightful, delightful...every last one of them positive...endearing qualities...and what sucks for me is that every chance I had to hold you and breathe each and all of them in and come to know you was spent living so far away and I never got to really know you!!
I know my heart was there...I wanted the chance to give you so much over the years if I could...but I never got that chance...
I have one memory of you that I cling to....sending you the ring like opa had so that you could have and own that look that opa has....that look of success....You wanted a gold ring... a great mans ring...something to show how graceful and were...your lil touch of manhood class...little did you know it didnt take a silly old ring or a symbol of that look...You were that already and even so much more...I loved you so much...I got one for you but it wasnt real gold...I wanted to get you a real gold ring, someday....*I* wanted to give you that simple pleasure...I wanted it to mean something and for you to know how much your Aunt Jeanene loved you and How proud I was of you and just what you meant to those you loved...I never got the chance to give you the gold...but I know YOU know I love you...
I was hoping to dream about you...nothing....
I know that I begged for two friends I know, who through the years crossed over both in 2009, to join you there in the Eternities to "hang with" so you wouldnt be lonely....
Stephen  and Jason.......anyway at one point ....I broke down and  hoped with all my heart that if you couldnt be with us...they could at least be with you...I hope with all my heart I got my wish...and you have been surrounded by friends and loved family members so that no matter where you are...Love surrounds you completely. I just wish there were more I could do for your mom...
It seems like no matter what...its not enough...but I try...
Just know and never forget how much you are and will always be loved...there was and will never be no end to your life...I know you've just continued to live only in another diminsion of reality!!
Hugs and kisses, Sunshine!!!....Your Aunt Jeanene! Close
Happy Birthday!  / Michaels Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Happy Birthday!  / Michaels Mom (Mom)
Happy 30th birthday Michael. Today, I am going to try very hard to celebrate your life and not think about how it ended. I can't express to you how much I miss you, but I know in my heart that you know. God Bles you my Beautiful son. ALL my love from here to you forever, Mom Close
Another year..  / Michael's Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Another year..  / Michael's Mom (Mom)
Happy Birthday sweetie! Hard to believe that you are/were going to be 30 this year. You were just growing into a man 8 tears ago. If you were still alive, here with us, you would be a man now. Probably married and with a few children. I would give anything to be able to see that. You were always so good with kids. I don't hear from any of your friends any more. It only took about 3 months and then, pretty much, nothing. I'm sure you would be disappointed in them as I know if roles were reversed you would have been so involved in their families lives, as you were already! Even your brother hasn't been back home in 8 years. Yes, my whole life just stopped when you died. Yes, sometimes I don't know where I fit in anymore, and I don't know if I really want to. I do know that not one day goes by that I forget you baby! I know you thought that nobody would ever think of you again if you died, but you were so wrong! I just hope now, from heaven, that you can see how much you meant to my life and why I did everything I did to try to keep you safe. Sometimes I just wish I could have tied myself to you so that I could have kept you safe Mouse... Please keep an eye out on your brother and keep him safe. He needs you and misses you horribly too. He tries to be strong,, then daddy...both ripped from his life. Stay with him Michael. Any time you want to come hug me and let me know you ate around me, I'm ready! I wod love to feel you here with me. I am so scared of 10 yeArs Michael. When you died I tried to imagine whAt it would be like to live without you for 10 years and it seemed like an has been baby. I love you Mouse, Mom Close
Showing some love.  / Carlye. Propps (Neice)  Read >>
Showing some love.  / Carlye. Propps (Neice)

May every star you wish upon And every hope you're hangin' on come true
Out of everybody in the world There's no one who deserves it more than you
I hope you find Everyhing you've been dreamin' of Only good things No in betweens
just Peace and love These words did not come easily Still you know I had to write them down
You must know what you mean to me I wish that you could always be around
I hope you find Everything you are worthy of I'm gonna miss you But I only wish you Peace and love
Peace and love Tears of joy Kindness of strangers All of your roads Paved in gold By guardian angels
Wherever you may be in this world My salutation says it all, May you always have enough Peace and love
I let you go unselfishly Cause everyone needs time to be alone
Well maybe time will bring you back And if it does you'll always have a home
I sign my name, No one to blame it on because I'm on your side No question of pride.


"Ones that have become lost can still be found "Where?" says the girl.
The old man answers back with a tear, "All around us watching and waiting for us to go with them".
"Go where?"says the girl, "Up" Replies the old man.


I miss you very much... As well as daryn and bryson!
We're always thinking of you.. and wishing you were here everyday! We love you Uncle Seitz!

For Carlye...  / Adena Seitz (Mom)  Read >>
For Carlye...  / Adena Seitz (Mom)
This is a poem that a wonderful young lady named Carlye wrote about Michael. Carlye and her family were great friends of Michael's and Michael doted especially, on the kids.  Carlye, in particular, had a true bond with Micheal, loved him, and will never forget him. Carlye wrote this poem for a school assignment and she asked me to post it on Michael's website;

I cannot hear you laughter,
I cannot see your smile,
I wish that we could talk again...
If only for a while.
I know your watching over me,
I'll always be missing you.
You taught me that life is much to short, and that at anytime could end.
But I know that no matter what, My heart is always what you'll be in.
And when it's time for me to go, You'll be there to show me the way...
I Wish that you could still be here, Even though I'll see you again someday!
My deepest sympathies  / Jamie Mom Of Dakota   Read >>
My deepest sympathies  / Jamie Mom Of Dakota

I am so sorry to have to meet Michael this way.  I am wish I had words to turn back time or remove the pain.  Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope that you feel Michael's love surrounding you and holding you until you meet again.


Deepest Sympathy  / Edith Thompson (another Angels Mom )  Read >>
Deepest Sympathy  / Edith Thompson (another Angels Mom )
Edena,I visited  ur son after reading about  u & ur family on Loving Arms.What a handsome young man.Try  not to dwell on his passing,but on all of the joy he brought to u when he was here.He's never  really far from u.Stay close w/ur remaining son,& let him know u share his pain..We all have so many unanswered  questions,but we have to believe that out Angels  are @ peace..Stay Strong my Friend..Hugs,Edith
Michael / Inga Hartman   Read >>
Michael / Inga Hartman

Dear Adena and family,

  I would like to extend my deepest condolences for the loss of your Michael. As one mom to the other I feel your pain. I will be with you as we journey this road together.Hugs, Inga

Our angels  / Rea Mom Of Emile De Miranda (another angel mom )  Read >>
Our angels  / Rea Mom Of Emile De Miranda (another angel mom )

Adena, You are always in my prayers and close to my heart. I know Michael is always with you and he loves you very very much.  Blessed Be.

I miss you my Mikey...  / MOM (MOM)  Read >>
I miss you my Mikey...  / MOM (MOM)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GRANDSON  / Darla Morgan (Grandma)  Read >>
As another year has came and gone, my heart still aches for you and my tears flow on this day as always.  I miss you so much and know you know that.  I know that you also know how many more relatives and friends come to remember you on this specail day.  Your dad sent me a wonderful video he did for you entitled "Calling All Angels" and I have to tell you it is awesome.  You could tell the love in his heart for you and I appreciate so much him sharing it with me.  I think he did it for you about a year ago, but just now got around to being able to send it.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!

Grandma 'moo moo" Close
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